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Lawrence Vvew from Walker Street

Eastwood Views

Eastwood in Nottinghamshire UK, is internationally known for being the birthplace of author, poet, and artist, D.H. Lawrence. 1885 - 1930. See the link below, for more information on Lawrence's early life in Eastwood.

Eastwood is situated approximately 13 km west of Nottingham, and is 3 km west of junction 26 of the M1 motorway. It is a former mining area, the local mines have now all closed, being replaced by industrial estates, to provide employment for the locals.

The library at Eastwood, is a very good source for information about Lawrence, containing his literary works, including his poems. The library also contains most of the other books written about Lawrence, some complimentary, and others critical.

The D.H. Lawrence Memorial at Eastwood

The DH Lawrence Memorial

Eastwood Library

Eastwood Library

The statue below, which is outside the library entrance, depicts the local links with mining, and the works of D.H. Lawrence

Library Statue

The Sun Inn at Eastwood - Birthplace of the Midlands Railway

Sun Inn

A map of old Eastwood from the 1830's

A map of old Eastwood


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